The Pay & Display system is an effective and simple car park management scheme.

UK Car Park Management can implement a Pay & Display system in your car park to generate additional revenue for you whilst simultaneously reducing unauthorised parking. Our state-of-the-art machines allow motorists to pay for a designated period of time in which they intend to stay in your car park.

UK Car Park Management offers a full installation & maintenance service to ensure that your Pay & Display machine continues to operate at full capacity, even during your busiest periods.

Our Pay & Display machines are manufactured with the end user in mind. This means the machines are rigorously tested to ensure the general public have no issues when it comes to paying for parking.

High-tech machines

Our high-tech machines can come with solar powered options to reduce the need for mains electricity on site. Other features include a range of payment methods, such as cash or card as well as an anti-theft mechanism to deter vandalism and potential attacks.

Traditionally, the Pay & Display service has been enforced via an on-site warden patrol. Alternatively, our latest ANPR technology can be used in conjunction with our pay-by-phone service, reducing costs and the need for on-site personnel.

Our Pay & Display service is utilised best by people who wish to make the most out of their car park by generating additional revenue whilst reducing congestion, as there is no need for barriers upon exit which can cause long queues.

These systems can be provided free of charge when you use one of our enforcement services. If you are unsure on which product to choose, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.


  • Secure locking mechanisms
  • Anti-vandalism and fraud resistant structure
  • Protected against theft and stored revenue

Easy Collection

  • Highly secure compartmental key access
  • Exchangeable coin box available for cash collection
  • Fast and safe removal and replacement of coin boxes

User Friendly

  • Designed to optimise the end user experience
  • Simple menu controls

Payment Choice

  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Highly reliable coin payment
  • Highly secure debit and credit card payment

Cost effective

  • Pay & Display machine can be remotely maintained and managed

Calculate your revenue?

Our revenue generation calculator can work out the projected annual revenue of your car park in seconds.

You could be making

per year

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Your Projected Revenue
AVG. OCCUPANCY 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%

You can further increase your car parks revenue by using our Enforcement services.

Your Revenue from enforcement
Warden Patrol £
Self-Ticketing £

* Calculations based off of the maximum potential revenue share.

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Key benefits

  • Free service
    Our Pay & Display service is free to set up and maintain when you use our enforcement services.
  • Signage provided free of charge
    We provide free car park signage and installation
  • Full installation & maintenance service
    We install and maintain the Pay & Display machines.
  • Latest payment machines
    Our payment machines acceps all current UK currency. Including cash, card and contactless.
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