Tailored car park management services for transport sites including railway stations & airports

We have a wealth of experience in providing car park management solutions for busy transport sites such as train stations and airports. We understand that with large visitor numbers, unauthorised parking is very common, but with the parking solutions we have developed, this can be eradicated to ensure spaces are available for genuine customers.

Transport industry car parks often suffer from the following problems:

  • Motorists overstaying in the car park
  • Congestion
  • People leaving their car to visit local amenities

Market leading parking services

  • Over 14 years experience
    We have a wealth of experience in managing car parking for the transport industry across the UK.
  • Excellent reputation
    We are proud to have successfully managed many transport car parks, delivering a dramatic improvement to the existing car park services.
  • Tailored car park solutions
    We offer multi-service solutions that are fully tailored to the specific requirements.
  • Fully accredited
    We are proud members of several industry associations including the International Parking Community (IPC) and the British Parking Association (BPA).

Professional, friendly and adaptable...
We've used CPM for about a year now and find them to be a professional, friendly and adaptable parking management company. They are responsive to our requirements as our site grows and understand the needs of the tenants. I would recommend CPM to other sites.

Ray Burke MSc AIRPM Building Manager, Trinity (Estates) Property Management Limited