This service will provide you with uniformed wardens who will regularly patrol your car park.

Patrols can be arranged to suit your needs, from random patrols to a warden on-site 24/7.

Expert Wardens

Wardens are fully equipped with wireless GPS tracking equipment, digital cameras & handheld PC’s. Wardens have the ability to issue a Parking Charge Notice to any contravening vehicle and provide a good visual deterrent to discourage unauthorised parking.

Any authorised vehicles can either be supplied with parking permits or registered on a vehicle number plate database.

Car Park Signage

Signs are provided and installed to your requirement. Whether it’s 'staff permit holders only', 'maximum stay 4 hours' or 'no parking at any time', we will design these in-house and install them free of charge.


If required we can issue permits to your residents, staff, customers or contractor needs. Permits are fully managed and administered by CPM.

This service is often provided completely free of charge.

Warden patrols check against:

  • Permit Holders
  • Disabled Bays
  • Obstructive Parking
  • Maximum Stay
  • Pay & Display

Key benefits

  • Free service
    Our warden patrol service is offered at no cost to you.
  • Permits issued
    Alongside your required parking restrictions we can supply and maintain a permit scheme.
  • Signs supplied and installed
    Our signage team will supply signage and carry out installation at no cost.
  • Warden patrol 24/7
    Our professional wardens will patrol your car park day and night 365 days a year.
  • Fully equipped wardens
    Our wardens are equipped with wireless GPS tracking equipment & digital cameras
  • Free litter picking
    During their patrols Wardens can pick up and clear any dropped litter within the parking area.

Vastly benefited from their exceptional services...
Since introducing UK Car Park Management in August 2008 we have vastly benefited from their exceptional services. Our staff members no longer have to search for parking spaces or tolerate the abuse from members of the public. Visitors are also able to find spaces quickly and the car park on the whole is much safer and practical.
I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone who may be encountering similar parking difficulties.

Julie Webb Site Manager, NHS Worthing
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