A 'No Parking' restriction can be used in any area you wish to remain clear at all times.

This restriction would commonly apply for access roads and areas which suffer from obstructive parking. ‘No parking at anytime’ proves to be an effective deterrent for keeping vital areas and roadways clear.

UK Car Park Management do offer a supply only service, however if you prefer we can supply and install on-site. With our in-house signage team you need not do anything!

Signage is provided completely free of charge when you use our enforcement services.

Key benefits

  • Free service
    A 'No Parking' restriction is free to set up and maintain when you use our enforcement services.
  • Signage provided free of charge
    We provide free signage and installation.
  • Keep an area clear at all times
    Once set up, a no parking restriction will ensure the specified area is clear of parked vehicles.
  • Eradicate obstructive vehicles
    Ideal for access roads, schools, limited parking areas.

Professional, friendly and adaptable...
We've used CPM for about a year now and find them to be a professional, friendly and adaptable parking management company. They are responsive to our requirements as our site grows and understand the needs of the tenants. I would recommend CPM to other sites.

Ray Burke MSc AIRPM Building Manager, Trinity (Estates) Property Management Limited
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