The parking permit is a simple method of verifying the authorisation to park

A Permit system is most effective when accompanied by a Warden Patrol enforcement service. In some cases permits can be used as season tickets to generate revenue from parking spaces.

We offer a supply only service, however if you prefer, we can supply & fully manage a permit scheme. With our in-house permit department you need not do anything!

UK Car Park Management also offer an online permit store for residents to purchase permits 24/7 with next day delivery. An efficient and modern solution to permit application via letter.

Permit schemes are provided completely free of charge when you use our enforcement services.

Key benefits

  • Free service
    Our permit schemes are free to set up and maintain when you use our enforcement services.
  • Fully managed permit scheme
    Our in-house permit team issue new and replacement permits whilst also handling enquiries.
  • Stop unauthorised parking
    Permit schemes are an effective way of verifying the authorisation to park and to ensure unauthorised vehicles are given a PCN.
  • Quick & easy permit replacements
    Order online or call our dedicated permit team on 0345 463 5050

Professional, friendly and adaptable...
We've used CPM for about a year now and find them to be a professional, friendly and adaptable parking management company. They are responsive to our requirements as our site grows and understand the needs of the tenants. I would recommend CPM to other sites.

Ray Burke MSc AIRPM Building Manager, Trinity (Estates) Property Management Limited
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