Our pay-by-phone service allows for a convenient way for motorists to pay for parking.

At UK Car Park Management, we want to provide users with the most convenient way possible to pay for parking. This is why we have developed innovative new systems to ensure people can pay for their parking through an app on their smartphone. Motorists wishing to park in your facility can simply follow instructions within the app, and instructions on signage provided by us and make payment for their stay immediately.

We can also send the motorist an SMS when their session is due to expire, to ensure that they pay fully for their stay in your car park.

To ensure inclusivity with this service, motorists without access to the app can pay via a phone call.

Quick and easy to set up

Our Pay-by-Phone solution is quick and easy to set up. We can provide bespoke signage for your car park and you can start generating additional revenue from your site in a matter of days.

Pay-by-Phone is a versatile approach to car park management and can be utilised in car parks of almost any size. It is also an efficient approach due to the fact there is no need for expensive on-site equipment such as a pay & display machine.

Advantages of Pay-by-Phone

UK Car Park Management can also provide you with detailed financial reports so that you can keep an eye on how well your car park is performing.

  • No hardware so there’s no breakdowns
  • Flexible tariffs (change prices at any time)
  • Eradicates the need to carry change
  • No queuing times
  • Easy to use app

Key benefits

  • Free service
    Our Pay-by-Phone service is often provided to you absolutely free.
  • Signage provided free of charge
    We provide free car park signage and installation.
  • Easy to use
    Our app allows for a quick and convenient way for motorists to pay for parking.
  • Generate Revenue
    You can generate additional revenue from your car park.
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