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Here at UK Car Park Management we understand the importance of a good parking facility when looking after a commercial property.

The most common type of parking abuse is, unauthorised parking. This is where outsiders park in a car park to either save money, time or it is simply convenient for them to do so.

To help you find the service that you require, we have highlighted 4 schemes that are designed to tackle unauthorised parking on commercial property. However, please note these schemes are only fully effective when enforced by Warden Ticketing, Self Ticketing Service and ANPR.

Permit Parking

Excellent for private car parks. Simply issue a parking permit to all genuine users, this will then allow UK Car Park Management Wardens or yourself (if using self-ticketing) to distinguish any unauthorised vehicles. Parking permits can be attached neatly onto the inside of the windscreen, they provide a clear and simple method of verifying the authorisation to park.

Vehicle registration database

When using our Warden Ticketing service, UK Car Park Management can record all vehicle registrations of authorised users. You have complete control, vehicles can be added or removed by yourself when using the Client Login.

Visitor book

Ideal for any car parks which may have visitor parking. Visitors who park will be asked to ‘sign in’ using the visitor book. By viewing the visitor book at any time UK Car Park Management Wardens or yourself (if using self-ticketing) can verify where or not a particular vehicle is parked without authorisation.

Maximun stay

Recommended for car parks which may have a high turnover of visitors. The maximum stay is essentially a limited period of free parking. It allows genuine users to use the facility but at the same time prevents abuse from long stay unauthorised vehicles.

Our commercial parking enforcement services

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Vastly benefited from their exceptional services...

Since introducing UK Car Park Management in August 2008 we have vastly benefited from their exceptional services. Our staff members no longer have to search for parking spaces or tolerate the abuse from members of the public. Visitors are also able to find spaces quickly and the car park on the whole is much safer and practical.

I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone who may be encountering similar parking difficulties.

Julie Webb | Site Manager, NHS Worthing