Residential Parking Management Residential Parking Management

This is UK Car Park Management’s new revolutionary service!

After many years of consultancy with Housing Associations, Managing Agents, Residents and even their Visitors’ this service has been designed to leave the heavy handed enforcement services far behind.

“A fresh and innovative service which has a sensitive and ethical approach.”

The Residents 1st service places no emphasis on issuing parking charges or penalties, instead it encourages and promotes good parking behavior through visual signage, warning leaflets and good PR. A parking ticket is only issued as a last resort. The Service is a combination of three products which CPM offer:

  • Parking Management

    UK Car Park Management’s courteous and friendly wardens will patrol your car park at random intervals,24 hrs a day,7 days a week. Any unauthorised vehicles will be either issued with a warning notice or parking ticket. You the client, are provided with an online portal, enabling you to monitor your car parks, review progress reports and set individual KPI’s. We also give you the option to waive any parking charge, just in case we inadvertently ticket a legitimate vehicle.
  • 24hr Security

    UK Car Park Management Wardens are fully licensed SIA Security Officers’, whilst checking for unauthorised vehicles they will also conduct checks on your premises. This prevents vehicle related crime and provides residents with peace of mind.
  • Site Maintenance

    During their routine patrols, UK Car Park Management Wardens will also pick-up and clear any dropped litter with in the car park. This will ensure the car park reflects a clean and tidy image at all times.